Bodice Racesafe Jockey size medium flat

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Manufacturer Racesafe Ltd

199,02 €


New product

Bodice Jockey medium flat

The Jockey Vest Level 1, it includes a new adjustment elastic to improve the fit and comfort. Designed to meet the needs of the race, providing comfort and security to lower levels of weight.

SAfety standard EN13158: 2009 (level 1).

Ultra lightweight: the bodice of protection Racesafe and is developed with the latest protection technology.

Ventilation double: the heat is released through the breathable material.

Flexibility: the comfort and freedom of movement thanks to the flex sections, hinge-independent and linear design and a thin.

Offers a perfect fit for all Jockeys.
Self-Adjusting Elasticated side: new system of adjustment of the lateral elastic to improve the levels of movement and comfort.



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