Bridle Rambo Micklem Multibridle

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Bridle Rambo Micklem Multibridle

The bridle Horseware Rambo Competition Multibridle is developed and designed starting from the anatomy of the horse's head. Relieves pressure on the sensitive areas of the head to maximize the comfort of the animal.

In soft leather with profiling in the skin supersoft, strong and reliable.


The exclusive bridle Horseware Rambo Micklem Multibridle is a bridle innovative that can be used as a bridle, as a capezzone, as a halter or a bridle without a bit. The shape of the bridle is very comfortable and follows the forms of the head and jaw of the horse."


The bridle Rambo Micklem Multibridle is three functions in a single solution

. A bridle (nasalina integral included)

. A capezzone

. A bridle without a bit/bitless (with 3 different alternatives)


It also combines the original system Micklem protection in the tongue, which works for many horses, with the added function of being able to be used as a halter.


The bridle and the capezzone - The horses love the Rambo Micklem Multibridle because it is the first headboard (/capezzone) designed along the lines of the skeleton of the snout of the horse and of the jaw. This first of all prevents the hassle that many of the headboards, with or without the bite, and capezzoni can cause, especially to the facial nerves and the sensitive parts in the mouth.

You can then say goodbye to the problems of discomfort in the mouth and on the muzzle of the horse.


The capezzone - The bridle can be used as a classic capezzone simply attacking the lead rope through the ring on the part of the nasalina.


The bridle bitless - There are three different alternatives to this solution, then surely one will be good for your horse! Stating the fact that this system, unlike other similar products on the market, is thoroughly studied to avoid the extreme damage that is often caused to the teeth, the molars.


Colors: dark brown, black

Sizes: small horse (cob), Standard horse (full)



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