Arnica gel 90 % Officinalis 500 ml

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Arnica gel 90 % Officinalis 500 ml

With MOUNTAIN ARNICA and oil of THYME Gel for topical use with a high content of Arnica Arnica Officinalis is a cream specific for muscles, tendons in the horse. Contains 90% of Arnica extracts; thanks to the patent waters, officinal, the first component of the gel is the water extract of the flowers of Arnica, in synergy with the extracts glicolicie the mother tincture of arnica.

Thanks to the essential oil of Peppermint, gives a sense of freshness and relaxation. Super concentrated, active, soft gel, colorless and quickly assimilated by the skin.

Thanks to the combination of the extracts of arnica in alcohol, water and glycerin allow this gel to make 90% of extracts of arnica active. Contains Mint essential oil and extracts of Thyme and Sage.

Arnica montana: herbaceous plant spontaneously which generally grows in the mountains as well as the 1200 metres. The active ingredients and herbs are all contained in the flowers.

USE: spalmanre the arnica cream on the affected area with circular motion, repeat 2-3 times and leave a thin layer of 1-2 mm.

WARNINGS: do not wrap them with domopack or plastic. If you want to wrap them with a paper towel or cotton loosely in the part.

COMPONENTS: Arnica montana extract in the water, arnica montana extract, macerate, arnica montana extract, alcohol, sodium, glycerin, glycol, oil, licino, peppermint essential oil, sage glycolic extract, thyme extract, glycolic acid, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol Italian Product packaged by Azienda Agricola Officinalis ®. Cosmetic and cultivation of medicinal plants organic


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