Stinchiere ICE-VIBE Horseware

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Stinchiere ICE-VIBE Horseware

Stinchiere Ice-Vibe Horseware for cryo-therapy that is associated with the vibration massage.

From use in the preparation of the horse both as a pre and post work. With the use pre work, it increases the blood flow to tendons and ligaments, making them more elastic, then going to reduce the risk of injury. Also useful to reduce swelling and pain after work, implement the blood flow to accelerate healing.

The gel packs for the cold therapy should be brought to the desired temperature using refrigerator, or simply with cold water.

The vibrating plates are recharged via a normal power outlet or via usb to the computer or cigarette lighter friendly welcome and the car.
The complete package contains: 1 bag, 2 stinchiere, 2 gel packs for cold weather, 2 vibrating panels, 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 battery charger with 3 types different attachment for universal use.
Size universal FULL.



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