Striglia Slick'n Easy

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Manufacturer Farnam

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Striglia Slick'n Easy

Striglia mineral for the cleaning of the coat is very light and practical to use.

The horse must be submitted on a daily basis a series of hygienic practices which go under the name of the government, and that are essential to maintain the horse in good health. In particular care and cleaning daily, they control the skin and the coat thus reducing the possibility of disease and the presence of parasites.
For implementing these practices of cleaning the sharp is definitely one of the tools indispensable, since it allows you to remove dirt and dead hair. The work with the sharp it also has the task of operating a tonic, the action of massage on the body of the animal, by acting beneficially on the muscles and on the circulation, this is especially important after the work to relax the muscles of the animal and reduce fatigue. Slick'n Easy is a sharp, very lightweight and practical to use. The use of Slick'n Easy allows you to completely remove the dead hair with dust and dirt leaving the coat smooth and glossy.

How to USE
Use the sharp Slick'n Easy from one of the two long sides. To get the best results exercise movements short and quick in the direction of the hair. After having used it several times, the sharp Slick'n Easy to become rounded, to return again to form a square, pass the long side on an abrasive surface.



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