Magic cream ML 443

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Manufacturer Chifa S.r.l.

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Magic cream

Protects and prolongs life of all leather goods.

Protects and prolongs the life of leather and protects your investment. Its exclusive formula contains a special blend of detergents, conditioners and essential oils that remove dirt, sweat, stains, and mud, and at the same time protect the skin keeping it soft and flexible.
Magic Cream penetrates deep, softens and restores elasticity to the skin used, avoids the formation of cracks in the skin new. Can be used on all the color of the skin does not remove the black dye from your tack, does not leave grease or residue, does not attract dust.Formula of high quality contains no silicone, wax or distillate of oil can damage the stitching of the skin.

How to USE
Apply Magic Cream directly on the the skin with a soft sponge and clean water, scrub thoroughly until the the cream is totally absorbed by the skin. With a clean, soft cloth and rub until the skin becomes glossy. Use on wet skin to prevent cracking and on stiff leather to soften it and prevent cracking. In extreme cases of very dry skin or worn, will need repeated applications.
Magic Cream it is effective on all skin products such as articles of equestrian, seats, car, chairs, boots, shoes, jackets, bags, belts etc.

Caution: do Not use Magic Cream on suede, the raw hide or deer. If you're not sure how to use Magic Cream on the skin, the head the product first in an area that is not very visible.



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