Swat Ointment Clear formula

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Swat Ointment Clear formula

It is a repellent especially designed to protect sores, wounds and small lacerations from the attack of flies, especially in areas that are difficult to heal. And’ just apply a small amount directly on the injured part to keep away the flies, which can be dangerous, as they may lay eggs, causing an infection. The Swat Clear is transparent and can thus be used for the protection of the ears of the horse.

Packaging: 170 gr.

Swat is a special ointment repellent for horses, specially formulated to protect the wounds from the assault of flies, horseflies and insects in general. The ectoparasites annoy continuously the horse is to live outdoors or in stables.
The insects settle on the whole body of the animal, but the presence of open wounds, lacerations, abrasions or wounds in the skin, it will attract an even greater number.
These lesions, in fact, constitute a “pabulum” and is ideal for the flies that feed, but they also constitute a suitable environment for the deposition of their eggs, which then hatch and the larvae, with serious damage to the tissues surrounding the lesion.
For the protection of all the lesions of the skin, just apply a small layer of Swat to keep away the insects so that they can feed and lay eggs; in addition, Swat protects the wound from dust and impurities, preventing the onset of dangerous infections and promoting subsequent healing.
Swat is an extremely practical, its application does not require any bandaging, and does not annoy the horse. The Swat Clear, thanks to its clear formulation, can be applied on the ears of the horse, and in general on the head, to reduce the annoyance caused by insects. It can also be used on dogs.
Swat is part of the program of pest control Farnam that aims to reduce the presence of parasites is on the horse in the environment in which he lives.


How to USE
Apply Swat directly to the wound in a quantity sufficient to cover it. Repeat the application until the complete healing.



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