Founded since 1980, the Ferro Saddlery is a leading company in the riding sector.
Specialized in the marketing and production of all equestrian articles of the best Italian and foreign brands.
With us all the Amazons and Riders, from beginners to the most Expert, fully meet their needs, finding any article for riding, the most suitable for themselves and their horses.
In our stores, online and physical, we perfectly serve all the disciplines of English riding: Gallop, Show Jumping, Dressage, Cross Country, Complete, Endurance; but also interesting is our selection for Western riding.
Note the Internal Saddlery Laboratory, where you can: repair your equipment in leather or synthetic materials, with extremely accurate interventions, both simple and complex, performed by Authentic Italian Saddle Masters; create products that cannot be found or exist only in your imagination, for the solution of a need that no standard article can satisfy.
Study of your ideal saddle or tailored boots.
Personalization by means of embroidery, made directly on site; Laundry service with possible repairs of blankets and horse clothing in external collaboration of a top Italian specialized company.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, followed and assisted at any stage, from interest, to purchase, to perfect after-sales assistance where necessary.

For information call us at +39 06 7185082 +39 06 7127981 

Selleria Ferro