Horse Sheen FM Italy 1000 ml

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Horse Sheen FM Italy 1000 ml

Polishing and sgrovigliante that thanks to its natural components maintains a brilliant mantle and the mane of the horse. Its double action of shining and sgrovigliare takes the mantle clean and in good health. Detergents for the specific make the tail and mane docile to the brush, keeping them more voluminous and shiny. Repels dust, the dirt and wood shavings from the litter. It can be used both on the surface wet after the shampoo, and dry on the surface very clean.



After the shampoo: Spray on a portion of the coat wet, and rub with a cloth dry and soft. Repeat the operation until complete coverage of the horse.
To dry: Brush thoroughly to remove all impurities, then steam by a distance of about 20 cm and wipe in the direction of the nap with a cloth of wool. On the tail and mane to finish the grooming.


Bottle 1000 ml



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