Brackets safety ACavallo Arena Alupro

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Brackets safety ACavallo Arena Alupro


The arc the bracket is made of aluminum, while the arm opening is formed by a material special polyamide. The relief of the bracket is made of polyamide and the tread is made of stainless steel. The model "AluPro", in principle, provides the same function as of yet of the Arena "HiFlex", but is based on different materials.

A mechanism of locking and unlocking of unique pressure, which lies between the end the bottom of the external arm of the bracket and the plate / platform support foot
A simple and reliable reintegration "one-click" of the locking mechanism, and release of the bracket, once triggered.

Thanks its design and construction, based on flexible polymers, the bracket transmits a feeling less rigid and much more comfortable to the rider with respect to the products conventional
The trim spring-elastic support of the foot is able to effectively absorb and compensate for the impacts in the short and sudden, exercised through the weight of the rider from on high, and. g. during the publication, jumping or hacking
Significant advantages for the rider: relief solid of the feet, ankles, knees and hips
Therefore, also very interesting for pilots who suffer from orthopedic problems.