Boxer gel Pure Breed man english

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Manufacturer Razza Pura

57,70 €

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Boxer gel Pure Breed man english

The boxer gel english man Pure Breed to protect the most sensitive areas of the body by repeated blows, from the excessive pressure and irritation due to the continuous rubbing that you undergo in the saddle, thanks to a dual system with integrated silicone gel is non-toxic and the fabric Crabyon. The fabric Crabyon is made from chitosan, a polysaccharide, a natural that is developing an enzyme, Lysozyme, which plays a very high antibacterial and anti-odour, boosts the immune system of the body, increases cellular regeneration and helps heal wounds. Not only prevents the problems due to the effort continued in the saddle, but promotes rapid healing from wounds, infections, and abrasions, without having to give up the workout. Its effectiveness is not altered over time from use and washing, as it is not chemically treated.


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